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    Cellulite / Fat Reduction

    What is Cellulite?

    -Cellulite is the term for collections of fat that push up against the skin’s connective tissue, which causes the skin to dimple or take on a “cottage cheese” like appearance. It is usually found on the thighs, stomach or butt and can be found in both genders, but more often in women.

           Source: Steven Dowshen, MD, The Nemours Foundation, 2009.

    -Whether or not a person has cellulite is determined by several factors including genetics, gender, amount of body fat, age, and thickness of skin. To determine whether or not you have cellulite, pinching the skin on the upper thigh. If it appears lumpy, then there is cellulite present.

    Source: Steven Dowshen, MD, The Nemours Foundation, 2009.

    How can I eliminate it? 

    Liposuction    Fillers   Radio Frequency